Stories of Indigenous Immigrants: The Sun, the Moon and What We Carry!

A Journey: Indigenizing the Rising Sun w/ Saturday, May 27, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET


Participants will learn stories about Indigenous immigrants’ political relationship to indigeneity and latinidad within the United States and more broadly within settler colonial nation states. It will be followed-up with an interactive activity to deconstruct perceptions of the Indigenous immigrant narrative. Featuring artists and speakers: Manuel Vasquez (Native Mexican / Zapotec Heritage), Miguel Sage (Taino/Cuban), and Mabel Negrete (CNS) (Native Chilean / Picunche-Inca Heritage).

Seats are limited for the in-person workshop at PAFA. The presentation will be streamed live. Workshop registration includes admission to PAFA's museum. 

"A Journey: Indigenizing the Rising Sun with" is a series of three workshops with panel presentations and interactive activities led by IPD Philly (Indigenous Peoples’ Day Philly Inc) and Partners. The series is in conversation with the artwork The Delegate, by Rising Sun artist, Rose B. Simpson, and will provide participants the opportunity to learn about the Lenape (Delaware Nation) presence, stories of survival on Navajo Reservation and of Indigenous Immigrants in Philadelphia. Through this journey of distinct stories and histories, participants will begin to envision concrete plans of action to challenge settler-colonial legacies, and to center and celebrate Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Peoples’ Day in their educational or professional practices from Lenapehoking –the ancestral land of the Lenni-Lenape.

Images courtesy of photographer Manuel Vasquez. Featured photos “Hora de Chocolate” and self-portait of the artist. 

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Saturday May 27
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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The Journey: Stories of Indigenous Immigration:
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