Premiere Screening: Art of Survival

and performance by Ursula Rucker & Miles Orion Butler                  

Thursday, July 27, 7:00 PM

Reception: 6:00 PM

Free, Registration encouraged!

Art of Survival is an intimate short documentary about a place and a spirit. From 2017 until early 2020, the Kensington Storefront studio offered people in Kensington a free cup of coffee, a snack and a chance to express themselves by drawing, painting, weaving or joining in a musical performance. There were no preconditions, no expectations—just the agreement to treat each other with civility and respect. 

Gradually, a remarkable community formed, including artists, volunteers, peer counselors, student nurses, and a stream of people from the neighborhood and from the street. Recorded over many months, Art of Survival brings viewers into this unique community, introduces them to a set of compelling characters, and provides a sharp contrast to the bleak vision that dominates media portrayals of Kensington and its many problems. 

Featured Artists: Caledonia “Swoon” Curry, Ursula Rucker, Kathryn Pannepacker, Lisa Kelley, Ashley Flynn, John C. Zerbe

Running time: 28 minutes. Produced by Hidden River Films; Produced byTony Heriza; Cinematography by James Wasserman; Editing by Valerie Keller.

*** Please bring a new pair of socks, which will be given to someone in need.  

Presented in partnership with Hidden River Films and Mural Arts Philadelphia

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Thursday July 27
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
in partnership with Hidden River Films and Mural Arts Philadelphia
Sold Out
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